April 24, 2018
HB-01 HiBand Preamp

The HB-01 HiBand Preamp is a single-channel, high-bandwidth, low-noise charge amplifier for single- or multi-element non-contact capacitance probe. The HB-01 provides low-noise dc bias for probe. The Preamp can operate with long cables to probe (up to 30 feet max recommended). The preamp output has 50-ohm impedance for driving long coaxial cables to data acquisition system (up to 1000 feet or more). When combined with Aerogage’s proprietary signal processing and Vibration Monitor System, the HB-01 is capable of high-accuracy measurement of tip clearance of individual blades on rotating turbine engines. The patented vibration software eliminates effects of cable vibration and provides long-term absolute calibration.  please call for pricing

Standard Specifications (variations available on request)
         Gain 4 V / pF
Probe Bias 100 V for probe resistance > 33 K ohms
Bandwidth 100 Hz – 5 MHz
Resolution 0.01 mil typ, depending on probe configuration
Accuracy 1% typ, absolute calibration, not affected by amplifier drift
Stability > 10,000 hours
Power Normal operation:
+15 V @ 70 mA
-15 V @ 30 mA
Input shorted to ground:
+15 V @ 250 mA
-15 V @ 30 mA
SNR > 50 dB wideband
> 100 dB narrowband (with vibration software)
Output Z 50 ohms
Location Up to 30 feet from probe
1000’ (min) from data acquisition system
Dimensions 1.125” x 3.25” x 5.5”
Connectors Input: BNC
Output: BNC
Power: 9 pin D

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