April 24, 2018

Aerogage Corporation was founded in September, 1994, by Dr. Wayne C. Haase and Dr. James K. Roberge to develop, manufacure and sell measurement and control systems for the aircraft and turbine engine industries.

Background of principals:
Wayne C. Haase
BS, MS and EE Degrees in Electrical Engineering from MIT. PhD Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University

James K. Roberge
BS, MS and ScD Degrees in Electrical Engineering from MIT. Currently Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT

Wayne C. Haase, PhD.
7 Matthew Lane
Sterling, MA 01564 USA

Phone: 978-422-8224
Fax:     978-422-8225
Email: waynehaase@aerogage.com
Call: 978-422-8224 Email: waynehaase@aerogage.com
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