April 24, 2018
DA-01 Differential Amplifier

The DA-01 Differential Amplifier is a single channel, differential line receiver and differentiator. The DA-01 provides a non-inverting amplifier followed by inverting differentiator. The differential line receiver eliminates common-mode problems associated with differing ground potentials between preamp and data acquisition system. A BNC input connector is provided for the coaxial cable from an HB-01 HiBand Preamp. BNC output connectors are provided for the amplifier and differentiator outputs. A 9-pin D connector us used for power. The amplifier provides two poles at 1 MHz to reduce high frequency noise. The differentiator provides two additional poles at 1 MHz to further reduce high frequency noise. A single-turn pot adjust provides common-mode balance.  please call for pricing

Standard Specifications (variations available on request)
         Amplifier Gain 10
Bandwidth 100 Hz (2 poles) Ė 1 MHz (2 poles)
Differentiator (follows amplifier)
-RC where R = 4.99 K ohms and C = 150 pF
Bandwidth 100 Hz (2 poles)
Connectors Input BNC
Output BNCís (2) for Amplifier and Differentiator
Power: 9 pin D
Power +12 V to +15 V @ 20 mA
-12 V to -15 V @ 20 mA

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