April 24, 2018
AP-02 Analog Processor

The AP-02 Analog Processor is a four-channel multiplexed data acquisition interface for National Instruments PXI-6115 A/D Converter. Each of the four channels has an 8:1 differential multiplexer. Each multiplexer is followed by a differential line receiver to eliminate common-mode problems arising from ground currents in the coaxial cables and differences in potential between the test cell and the Data Acquisition System chassis grounds. The unit provides 32 BNC connectors for inputs from Hi-Band Preamp outputs. The unit provides a 68-pin D output connector for the SH68-68-EP Cable for interface to the National Instruments PXI-6115 A/D Converter. The AP-02 is powered by the PXI-6115. Individual single-turn pot adjustments are used for common-mode balance of each input. A 19-inch rack mount is optional.  please call for pricing


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